Foliar fertilizer with nitrogen, boron and magnesium

    • Boron and magnesium in the same product.
    • With nitrogen
    • Compatible with other products
    • Rapid assimilation and translocation
    • Visible results in a few days

    High soluble foliar fertilizer, which has been developed in order to achieve maximum compatibility of these two elements in one product. It also produce a rapid assimilation, high efficiency and stable equilibrium.
    The combination of boron and magnesium is suitable for applying on the culture before and after flowering to improve the management of fruit ripening and get a better harvest.

    Boron and magnesium are nutrients that despite lower amounts, can achieve a significant increase of production.

    CROPS BORO MAGNESICO is a foliar fertilizer used for preventing

    Spanish R.D. 506/2013 type Nitrogen solution with secondary elements with Boron.

  2. Composition

    %   p/p
     (N) Total Nitrogen 6
     (N) Amoniacal Nitrogen 6
    (B) Water soluble Boron 4
    (MgO) water soluble Magnesium oxide 8
    It doesn’t contains chlorides

    CROPS BORO MAGNESICO is a foliar fertilizer used for preventing or treating both deficiencies boron and magnesium deficiencies with high efficiency.

  3. Direction for use
    Foliar application:  300-500 g per  100 litters of water.

    It is important to use water enough for wetting abundantly  the leaves.

    On olive trees, in case of high productions or strong lacks,  we can increase the dose until 1 kg per 100 litters of water.

    Compatible with the majority of commonly used agrochemicals products.