Hi-tech fertilizer with Calcium easy asimillable by foliar or root aplication specially designed to mobilize and distribute uniformly through all the plant.

    Calcium Importance

    Essential element for crops development which lack causes:

    • Metabolism and growth slow down
    • Cellular vegetable membranes weakening
    • Swelling and firmness loss
    • Fruit of minor quality, vulnerable to manipulation and transport
    • Minor capacity of conservation

    Golden Apple example:

    • Very sensible to Calcium lack
    • When the fruit starts maturing and increasing the weight it consumes the Calcium
    • The final concentration determines its behaviour and quality when its manipulated, transported and the BITTER PIT presence

    CROPS CALIFASTER advantadges

    The traditional treatments are based on the application of Calcium salts whose power of assimilation, mobility and distribution e Calcium element is low.

    CROPS CALIFASTER is formulated with natural/organic Calcium complex of low molecular weight specially designed to be inmediatly recognized by the plant, which allows a total absorption, a great mobility and an excellent uniform distribution of the Calcium.

    Excellent activator and stimulant of the growth and the methabolic processes that helps to improve the color, the size, the firmness and the resistance and the conservations of the fruit.

    We reduce Botritis, rottennesses and Bitter pit risk at the end of the ripeness cycle.

  2. Composition
      % weight / volume
    Calcium oxide (CaO) parcially complexed 4
    Complexant agent 2,5

    Density: 1,46 Kg/L
    Low in Chlorides

  3. How to use


    Growth and fruit development Foliar: 2,5-3 L/ha
    Root: 3-4 L/ha
    Strawberry Growth and fruit development Suelo:1-1,5 L por  10.000 plantas

    Foliar: 2,5-3 L/ha

    Fruit trees of bone


    Before harvesting


    Foliar:3-3,5 L/ha

    Radicular:4 L/ha

    Fruit trees of pip Fruit development Foliar:3-3,5  L/ha

    Root: 4 L/ha

  4. Test results
    Golden Apples
    Calcium Choride/Crops Califast
    Three campaigns

    • Crops Califast less agresive: no production reduction, no smalller size, when compared against calcium choride
    • Better nutritional rates which are responsable of fruit quality
    • Better control of Bitter Pit, Botitris and Rottenneses when compared against calcium choride treatments

    Crops Califaster is more efective and less agresive than Calcium Chloride