Natural potassium supplies, suitable for organic farming.

    • Leaves and roots application.
    • Better colour and higher fruit size.
    • Suitable for organic farming.
    • Excellent compatibility.

    CROPS ECO-K, incorporates potassium in the form of organic natural complex,
    which provides a greater activity and capacity of assimilation.
    It can be applied foliar or by fertigation, during growth period and fruit ripening. It
    is also recommended after fruit collection, in case of high productions, to improve
    the recovery of potassium extractions and to ensure a proper availability of this
    element in future campaigns.

    Recommended for:

    • Better fruit size, homogeneity and colour.
    • Better production in demanding crops (olive trees).
    • Higher fruit resistance and improvement of post-harvest behaviour.

    Spanish R.D. 506/2013. Liquid organomineral PK fertilizer.
    Product suitable for organic farming, according to Regulation (EU) 834/2007,
    certified by SOHISCERT


    Packaging – 250cc, 1L, 5L, 25L and 1.000L.

  2. Composition
    % p/p  g/L
    Naturally complexed 6,8 80


    Composition % p/p  g/L
    Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water 10 119 10 119
    Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in neutral    
    ammonium citrate. 2 23,8
    Carbon (C) organic 20 238

    Density: 1,23Kg/L
    pH: 7 

    100 % natural organic concentrated material

  3. Direction for use
    Foliar Fertigation Foliar Fertigation
    Olive trees 2-3L/ha 6L/ha
    Fruit trees 2L/ha 3L/ha
    Vegetables 2L/ha 5L/ha
    Citric trees 1,5- 2L/ha 4L/ha
    Strawberries 2L/ha 4L/ha
    Kiwi 3L/ha 5L/ha 3L/ha 5L/ha
    Banana 4L/Fanegada 4L/ha Fanegada
    Ornamental 200mL/ha 500mL/ha

    Compatible with the most common used agrochemicals, except oils and high alkaline products.