CROPS KHUMICO 16% dark liquid, with high content of humic substances coming from leonardite. It is particularly suitable for improving soil fertility in ferti-gation crops: greenhouses, horticultural, fruit, etc.

    LABIN HUMICO 16% increases the cation exchange capacity,so we are improving the aviability of the nutrients.

    LABIN HUMICO 16% improves the soil structure increasing porosity and aeration of compacted soils, so we will increase water retention of sandy soils.

    LABIN HUMICO 16% also increases soil microbiological activity and hence also the availability of nutrients.

    We can finally have a strong stimulation of the roots absorption because of a better fertilizers efficiency. It is especially recommendable in intensive fertigation crops where soils are over exploited.

    RD 506/2013 of Spain: humic acids.


    Packaging – 250cc, 1L, 5L, 25L and 1.000L.

  2. Composition
      % p/p g/L
    Total humicextract 16 176
    Humicacids 8 88
    FulvicAcids. 8 88

    Density: 1,10Kg/L
    pH: 12 

  3. How to use
    Organic additive in fertigation: 20 mL per kilo of water-soluble fertilizer.

    Total approximate culture application FertigationDistributeapplications
    Citrus and fruittrees. 100-200 mL/tree/year
    Vegetable 75-100L/ha/year
    Ornamentals and lawns 100L/ha/year
    Olive 200-300 mL/ha/year
    Vineyard 30-40 mLha/year
    Nurseries 5-10 mL/year


    It is not compatible with oils or highly acidic products. It is always recommendable to make a miscibility test that can verify the compatibility of products