• Totally water soluble
    • High stability and persistence
    • Stable in a very wide interval of soil pH
    • Grave iron chlorosis situations are re-solved

    Microgranuled iron chelated, suitable for soil application with high stability and persistence. It is totally water soluble and highly resistant to alkaline soils.

    CROPS has a rapidly and effective action to remedy iron deficiencies (iron chlorosis) in any kind of soil.

    CROPS chelating agent, which is the best EDDHA isomer, is capable to work in a very wide interval of soil pH, where iron is totally blocked.

    Preferably used as a preventative, at the beginning of plant vegetative period. It is better to apply it before chlorosis first symptoms appear. (When they appear the lack is too much important). However CROPS works really well resolving that situations.

  2. Composition
    % p/p
    Iron (Fe) soluble in water 6
    Iron (Fe) EDDHA chelated 4,8
    pH stabilityinterval 4-12


  3. How to use
    Fruittrees, citrus, etc. Newly planted 5-15 g/tree

    Newly producing 5-25 g/tree

    Full production 30-40 g/tree

    Highly developed 50-100 g/tree

    Grapevine Newly planted 3-5 g/grapevine

    Full production 5-10 g/grapevine

    Vegetables/ornamental plants 1-5 g/m2


    Adjust the dose according to the degree of intensity of chlorosis.
    It should be applied in such a way that it reaches the roots, where it will be ab-sorbed. One of the application forms is about 3 or 4 holes of about 20 to 30 cm depth, around the plant or tree, throwing the chelated iron, dissolved in water, and then plugging it. You can also apply in irrigation water. Water is essential for its effectiveness.

    It is compatibility with the majority of the habitual products used. It is always advisable to carry out a miscibility test to check the compatibility of the products.