• Trace elements mixture
    • High assimilation and efficacy

    Liquid product, completely miscible in water. It is used to provide trace elements in a totally assimilable way, resistant to any kind of blocking, to prevent and cure any kind of deficiency in general.
    The different trace elements are in a balanced proportion to join its effects and neither of them could be harmful because of excess.

  2. Composition
    % p/p  g/L
    B 0,5 100
    Zn 0,5 100
    MgO 1,6 100
    Mn 0,5 100
    Fe 1,25 100
    Mo 0,08 100
    Cu 0,4 100

    Density: 1,21Kg/L
    Chelating agent: EDTA-DTPA-HEDDTA