• The powerof the bestalgae
    • Stimulates the flowering and settingof the natural defense systems.
    • Good resistance to situations of stress.
    • Root strengthening and stimulating action.
    • Improved results for transplants.
    • Improves the effectiveness and reducesthe stress of phytosanitary treatments.

    CROPS OCEAN the effectiveness of the best marine algae, AscophyllumNodosum, contained in a formula designed to minimize situations of stress, nutritionalblockages and to help the synthesis of self-defense substances (phytoalexins).

    CROPS OCEANis perfect for bio-activating and bio-stimulating most of themetabolic mechanisms that are involved in the key stages of development: flowering,setting, transplanting, etc.

    Especially suitable for application during flowering, setting, transplanting, in momentsof disease and stress and in conjunction with phytosanitary treatments.

    EC FERTILISER: Boron based fertilizer solution.

    Packaging – 250cc, 1L, 5L, 25L and 1.000L.

  2. Composition
    % p/p g/L
    Enriched algae extract 10  125
    Complexed boron 2  25

    Density: 1.25 Kg/L
    pH: 5.5-6.5.
    Boron complexing agent Ethanolamine
    With vitamins, natural phytohormones and microelements from thealgae.

  3. Applications
    Foliar Fertigation
    Legumes 1.5-2l/ha
    Horticultural crops 2L/ha 4-5L/ha
    Fruit with stone 2-3L/ha 4-5L/ha
    Fruitwithpips 2-3L/ha 4-5L/ha
    Olive trees 2-2.5L/ha 4-5L/ha
    Vineyard 1.5-2L/ha 3-4L/ha
    Tropical crops  2L/ha 4-5L/ha
    Strawberries 1.5-2 L/ha 3-4L/ha
    Cereals 1.5-2 L/ha

    Cereal application togetherwith herbicide1L/ha (do not exceed this amount forthis type of application).

    Transplant Soak the roots with a 1% solution before transplanting

    It is always advisable to carry out a miscibility test to check the compatibility of the products.
    Can be mixed with most agrochemical products. Should not be mixed with sulphurs or oils.