• Resistance to stress.
    • Improves flowering and fruit set.
    • Stimulates root growth.
    • Foliar and fertigation application.

    CROPS PROTEX 24 dark viscous liquid, resulting from the controlled hydrolysis of natural proteins

    CROPS PROTEX 24is suitable to be applied as foliar stimulant, due to its formulation process it contains free amino acids and low molecular weight peptides, which are  more actives and easily assimilated.

    It is suitable to be apply in phonological moments when more energy is need: Transplant, flowering, fruit setting, etc.

    It can be applied, also, to overcome the stress caused by frost, drought, pests, diseases, pesticide treatments etc.

  2. Composition
    % p/p g/L
    Total Nitrogen (N) total 8  97.5
    Organic Nitrogen (N) 4.5  55
     Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N)  3.5  42.5
    Amino acids  7  85

    Density: 1.22 Kg/L
    pH: 5-7
    Aminogram: Glycine 25%, 14% proline, glutamic acid 10%, 51% other AA.
    Low in chloride

  3. How to use
    Applicable to most commons crops: Alfalfa, vegetables, olive trees, fruit trees, citrus, grapes, ornamentals, potatoes, beets, nurseries, etc.
    Foliar spray at a dose of 0.2% to 0.5% (200 to 500 cc / 100 L water),

    It can be mix with most of the agrochemicals commonly used in agriculture, except oils and highly alkaline products. It is always recommendable to make a miscibility test that can verify the compatibility of products