Powerful stimulant of root development

    • Stimulation of root development.
    • Reducing the effects of post-transplant stress.
    • Faster absorption of water and nutri-ents.
    • Especially suitable for improving the banana sucker developing.

    It is a product especially developed for improving root growth. It has been for-mulated with amino acids, polysaccharides, algae, macro and micronutrients, etc., with a strong stimulation power. It is specially appropriate to apply after transplant and during the period when banana sucker is developing.

    Root formation process is very sensitive to stimulus of vitamins, polysaccha-rides, and many other organic substances that are contained in LABIN R formu-la.
    When roots are in contact with these bio-stimulants substances , formation of new absorbed little roots is increased. They will develop with strength and great-er resistance to disease and adverse factors.

    FERTILIZER WITH AMINO ACIDS . Tipo 4.1.02 from Spanish RD. 506/2013

    Packaging – 250cc, 1L, 5L, 25L and 1.000L.

  2. Composition
    % p/p g/L
    Total Nitrogen (N) 7 86,8
    Organic Nitrogen (N) 3,5 43,4
    Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 1,5 17,1
    Ureic Nitrogen (N) 2 24,8
    Phosphorous Pentoxide(P2O5) 3 37,2
    Potassium Oxide (K2O) 2 24,8
    Free Amino acids 7 86,8
    Iron (Fe) 0,5 6,2
    Manganese (Mn) 0,1 1,2
    Zinc (Zn) 0,1 1,2
    Boron (B) 0,2 2,5

    Density: 1.24 -1,25 Kg/L
    pH: 4,5-5,0
    Aminogram: 25% Glycine, 14% Proline, 10% Glutamic acid, 51% other
    Overage molecular weight 1.000 Daltons
    Chelated agents: EDDHA and EDTA

  3. How to use
    Orchard crops 3-4L/ha
    Banana. Spray irrigation system 10-12L/ha (maintenance 6L/ha every two months)
    Banana. Dip irriga-tion system 8 L/ha (maintenance 3L/ha every two months)