• Resistance to stress.
    • Improves flowering and fruit set.
    • Stimulates root growth.
    • Foliar and fertigation application.

    CROPS THYPHON is a stimulant product formulated with extracts of algae and boron. It is especially suitable for application by foliar way and fertigation.

    The stimulating action of CROPS THYPHON improves the mechanisms of flowering and fruit set, increasing natural defense systems. It also improve the resistance against hardest stress situations.

    It is especially suitable for applications in plant periods when an extra energy is need: flowering, fruit set and transplantation. It is also useful against the stress caused by external factors such as illness, bad weather or aggressive pesticides treatments.

  2. Composition
    % p/p g/L
    Boron (B) complexed 2 24
    Iron (Fe) chelated EDTA 0,3 3,6

    Density: 1,20 Kg/L
    pH: 5,5
    Boron complexing agent is Ethanolamine
    With vitamins, natural phyto-hormones and microelements from marine algae

  3. How to use




    Horticulture 2L/ha 4-5L/ha
    Fruittrees 2-3L/ha 4-5L/ha
    Olive 2-2,5L/ha 4-5L/ha
    Vine 1,5-2L/ha 3-4L/ha
    Tropical crops 2L/ha 4-5L/ha
    Strawberry 1,5-2 L/ha 3-4L/ha
    Cereals 1,5-2L/ha
    Cereal herbicideapplication 1L/ha.maximum


    It can be mix with most of the agrochemicals commonly used in agriculture. It is always recommendable to make a miscibility test that can verify the compatibility of products