CROPS URTIPLUS is a fertiliser based on a dispersible concentrate of Urtica spp. Extract.
    It is an excellent BIOCONTROL with ACARICIDE, INSECTICIDE and FUNGICIDE action.

    Of all plant extracts, nettle plant extract is one of the most complete. Nettle contains a very complex mixture of active ingredient. It also provides biostimulant substances, which contribute to the vitality of the plant where the extract is applied. It is also rich in formic and histaminic acid, which, when released by foliar application, act as acaricide, insecticide and fungicide.

  2. Composition
    % p/p g/L
    Calcium (CaO) 7 87,5
    (B) total 0,1 1,25

    Density 1,25Kg/L
    pH 3,5 – 4