Fertiliser liquid that provides boron totally soluble in water and fully assimilable. Its application is preferably by leaf but it can also be absorbed by the roots.
    Boron is an essential element for many crops. It is involved in a large metabolic processes and its lack could cause a significant reductions of crop productions.
    CROPSBOR 15 contains complexed boron and thanks to these complexing agents and other co-formulates it has a quick absorption and translocation.
    Suitable for preventing boron lack, especially on sensitive crops such olive tree, grapevine, fruit trees, alfalfa, sugar beet, vegetables and sunflower.
  2. Composition
    % p/p g/L
    Boron  (B) water soluble 11,2 150

    Density: 1,32 Kg/L
    pH: 7,5-8
    Compelxant agent: Ethanolamine

  3. How to use
    Crop Foliar a Notes
    Fruit trees 100-150 mL/100L
    Alfalfa 1-3 L/ha From 10-15 cm  plant size to beginning of flowering
    Sunflower 3-4 L/ha From 3-4 pair of leafs stadium to E3 stadium ( flower bud)


    3-4 L/ha From 8 leafs stadium
    Other crops 2-3l/ha