DRIPSILICROPS is a new product based on ACTIVE silicon, technically advanced and applied by fertigation that protects and strengthens plants.

    There are many sources of information on the beneficial role of silicon in horticultural production, as well as the role it plays in situation of stress, including its potential role in plant metabolism. With the application of DRIPSILICROPS we add a plus to the effect of the use of silicon in the nutritive solution of our crops. In the first place, we achieve an enhancing effect on resistance to droughts, frosts and cryptogamic diseases. Secondly, we obtain a minimization of the productive losses under the stress in which our crops can be found. Applying DRIPSILICROPS, easily assimilable silicon, intervenes directly in several biochemical reactions that give a great influence on various metabolic processes.

  2. Composition
    % p/p g/L
    Calcium (CaO) 7 87,5
    (B) total 0,1 1,25

    Density 1,25Kg/L
    pH 3,5 – 4