High-tech product specially developed to  acidify  with precisión the  water of  foliar treatments.  Thanks to its pH  colour indicator we can easily  know when pH is right.

    • pH control with precisión.
    • Easy to use.
    • Wettable, stimulating effect.
    • Aport of phosphoros.
    • It can be use in fertirrigation as well.

    Colour change indicator

    Colourless            pH > 7 Neutral-alkaline
    Yellow            pH 5.5-7 Neutral-acid
    Orange            pH 3.5-5.5 Weak acid
    Reddish            pH < 3.5 Strong acid

    CE Eertilzer– Tipe C.2.3. CE 2003/2003 Regulation

    5L BOTTLE. BOX of 4 BOTTLES (20 L.) PALLETS of 800 L.
    1L BOTTLE. BOX of 12 BOTTLES (12 L.) PALLETS of 460 L.

  2. Composition
      % weight / volume
    Total Nitrogen (N) 4
    Amidic Nitrogen (N) 2,5
    Ammoniated Nitrogen (N) 1,5
    Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) 20

    Density: 1,26 Kg/L
    pH: 1-2

  3. How to use
    Add 50-100 ml/hL (50 in acid pH waters and 100 in neutral-basic pH waters) about 2/3 of the content in water. Homogenise and  continue until achieving an orange-reddish colour. Then, add the formulation or product to be used with the rest of water. The total dosage will vary according to the pH level and the content of bicarbonate in water.

    In close spaces (tunnels…) the foliar dosage will not go over 0.1%

    Do not mix with products rich in cupper without previously having a test done.