Foliar and root high-tech fertilizer which provides P in form of phosphite and K totally assimilable. Uniform distribution, high mobility and protection capacity are the most important skills of this product

    Phosphite addition is very beneficial for most of the crops due to its nutritional, reinforcing, bio-stimulant effects and preventive protection against funghi and bacteria

    Phosphites are identified by the plant as a toxic substance and reacts producing natural defences. This VACCINE EFFECT is the same answer that the one given against funghi infection

    Phosphites are assimilated by the cellular membranes and cuticles, so when the fuhghi attacks (necrosis) the concentration of P nutritional will be very low and the concentration of P will be very high and the funghi expansion will be stopped

    Excellent protection and prevention against oomicetos funghi and specially against phytophotora, phytium. And preventive protection verticilium, peronospora parasítica, pseudoperonospora cubensis, phytophtora, ph citrophora, ph cactorum, ph infestans, ph nicotianae, plasmopara and odium.

    EC Fertilizer – Type And 2.3: “Fertilizer CE containing primary and secondary elements with trace elements, for applying by leaves way”.

    5 kg bags, in 800 kilos pallet

  2. Composition
    % weight / volume
    Total Nitrogen (N) 7
    Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble 36
    Boron (B) total 3
    Molybdenum (Mo) total 2
    Manganese (Mn) total 2
    Zinc (Zn) total 2

    pH: 1,5-4,5

  3. How to use
    • Fruits trees, Critics, Olive, Cotton, Potato, Strawberry and Vegetables
    • 2 applications: 15 days before and 15 days after the flowering/setting
    Foliar spray 100-500 g/hL
    Fertilizer water irrigation 5-10 kg/ha
    Hydroponic irrigation 10-30 g/hL
    Cherry, apple, prune 200-250 g/L
    • For very waxy leaves add FILMCROPS.


    Compatible with most of the products, but due to its high level of P we do not recommend handle mother solutions with Mg, Cu, Fe, sulphurs and oils.
    Diluted solutions are possible but it is recommendable to use it same day.
    Incompatibilities are not for fitotoxicity problems, but precipitation could be formed in the dilution.