The Quelacrops range offers chelated, trace elements complexes in liquid form for foliar application. Its special formulation ensures maximum assimilation and solubility.

    It should be used in certain crops sensitive to particular deficiencies as preventive measures; although, it can also be applied as a curative measures for already visible deficiencies. However, it is advisable to use as a preventive measures, before symptoms appear; because, when visible, the damage to the crop may already be very serious and can affect production.

    There is a specific Quelacrops for problems with specific trace elements or Crops Microplus can be used to prevent general deficiencies.

  2. Composition
    % p/p  g/L
    Quelacrops B 8 100

    Density: 1,3Kg/L
    Chelating agent: Etanolamina