• Available and plant-usable SILICON
    • Resistance to droughts, frost and situations of stress
    • Mobilises nutrients, making the fertilization more effective
    • Better preservation post-harvest
    • Reduces the effect of toxic elements

    SILICROPS is designed to provide ACTIVE SILICON, an element that is very lacking in the soil, in a way that is completely available for the plants.
    It is highly beneficial in low dose.
    Thanks to its application we will achieve two important effects:
    It regularizes nutrients making the fertilization more effective.
    It gives greater resistance and elasticity to cuticles.

  2. Composition
      %p/p g/L
    Zinc 2 21,2
    Molybdenum 0,03 150
    Silicon (K2SiO4) in the form of orthosilicic acid 2 21,1

    Density: 1,06 Kg/L
    pH: 2-3

  3. How to use
    Cereals 0,2L/ha
    Citrus trees 0,3L/ha
    Strawberries 0,2L/ha
    Fruit trees 0,3L/ha
    Horticultural crops 0,2L/ha
    Legumes 0,2L/ha
    Ornamental crops 0,3L/1.000L
    Vines 0,2-0,3L/ha

    It is always advisable to carry out a miscibility test to check the compatibility of the products.
    Do not mix with very alkaline products.