Crops organo-mineral fertilizer

    Organomineral fertiliser with sustained release

    • Slow release process of the mineral elements
    • Product obtained by reaction (complex).
    • Improves soil fertility.

    Crops Retardo is an organomineral fertilizer obtained by the reaction of humic lignite, designed especially to supply the crops with all the nutrients they need, in a gradual, balanced way.
    The composition of Crops Retardo includes a content of nitrogen, which gradually becomes available for the plant; it also contains magnesium and iron. It is an ideal product for the basal dressing of all crops.
    The nutrients are slowly released using a completely natural process; and CROPS RETARDO also has a positive effect on the fertility of the soil.
    It can be used at any time during the year; it does not cause any abnormal reactions in the soil and does not burn in contact with roots.

    NPK organo-mineral fertilizer R.D. n. 506/2013

    Packaging – Bag 25Kg.
  2. Composition
    % p/p
    Total nitrogen (N) 5
    Amoniacal nitrogen (N) 4
    Organic nitrogen (N) 1
    Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) soluble in
     neutral ammonium citrate and water 7
    Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) soluble in water 5
    Potassium oxide (K2O) sulphate soluble in water 9
    Magnesium oxide (MgO) soluble in water 2
    Iron (Fe) soluble in water 2
    Humic acids 1
    Organic matter 14
    Organic carbon (‘C) 8
    Total sulphuric anhydride (SO3) 15
  3. Direction for use
    Fruit trees 600-800
    Wine grapes 400-500
    Taple grapes 600-800
    Citrus fruit, kiwi, olive groves 800-1.000
    Nuts, hazelnuts, almonds 450-600
    Strawberries 600-800
    Horticultural crops 600-700
    Nurseries 400-600
    Floriculture 800-1.000
    Substrate preparation 5 Kg/m3
    Parks, gardens, lawns 600-800

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